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Moment of Surrender 4/?

Moment of Surrender 4/?

Title: Moment of Surrender 1/?
Rating: R (for language)
Pairing: Callie/Mark, Callie/Derek
Disclaimer: All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in this work are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a  fictional context and are not intended to be defamatory or factual in anyway.  
“You going to try to jump me after the movie?”


Two souls too smart to be
In the realm of certainty


Callie sat on a bench outside of the movie theater, one leg crossed over the other as she leaned over to brace her elbows on her lap and held her phone in her hands, texting away avidly. It was chilly and her leather jacket was zipped up all the way. Her hands were cold, but she tolerated it. Years of rain and no break of the sun in sight had forced her to become one with the cold. Her hair fell over to frame her inclined face and she felt the bench shift a little as someone took a seat beside her. She continued texting, however, and chuckled lightly after opening a text from Cristina.

Derek sat back in the bench, his head tilted sideways as he kept a good ten inches between he and Callie. Her hair fell to hide the side of her face from him, but he still had full view of her seated frame. She was stunning.

“You’re late.” She said without looking over at him and he smirked.

“I told you I was going to be late. I’m not early to non-dates.” He tested, secretly loving the was she ignoring him.

“I thought you’d say that.” She replied, closing her phone and looking up smugly. “So I went on ahead and bought my own ticket.” She stood and started towards the movie theater, “You better get yours before they’re sold out.” She added as she passed him.

He watched with that idiotic smile he couldn’t shake when he was around her, and observed her walking away in that little swagger and swing her hips that kind of made him feel like a drooling nerd again. ’I’m not saving you a seat, either, so hurry up!” He heard her call over her shoulder and he laughed, aloud this time, before heading for the ticket booth hurriedly.

The line wasn’t long, and a couple of minutes later, he found himself walking up to Callie, who stood, second in line to the snack stand.

She felt a warm breath on her cheek, and soon thereafter, a soft shiver down her neck.

“Are we done pretending this isn’t a date?” He whispered near her ear, mirroring the smirk that slowly crept up on her lips, “Because I can pay for whatever candy you’re about to order.”

She sideglanced his way, eyeing him carefully for an instant before breathing in calmly, then speaking in a low tone, “I don’t need anyone to pay for my candy.” She retorted slyly, then proceeded to order a box of  
Gummy bears and a large soft drink.

He was left, yet again, staring at her walk away, taking a second to glance in his direction as he was left to order popcorn for himself.

He hurried behind her, his steps speedy as they stepped into the screening room  and he followed behind her as they walked into theater number seven.

She smiled to herself as they made their way inside, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she added a little extra sway to her hips. It was an innocent enough little cat and mouse game they were both enjoying immensely.

A straying hand here, a wayward glance there.

Half way through the movie he was pretty sure was a comedy, he looked over and noted the way her shoulders shook a little as she laughed. He couldn’t help it, he reached over and caught a strand of hair with just his index finger, pushing it back and out of her eyes.

She froze, swallowing the piece of candy in her mouth, and bit her cheek. He turned to him and he shrugged. She smiled, “Dork.”

He chuckled then, leaning in close so that no one else would hear, “Did you just call me a dork?”

“I did.” She replied, her eyes glued to the screen.

He shifted in his seat and scooted closer, “We on a date?”

“You going to try to jump me after the movie?”

“Maybe.” He replied audaciously.

She bit back a smirk and cleared her trhoat, “Yeah, okay, we’re on a date.”

He nodded politely, sat back in his chair, redirected his eyes toward the screen, and smirked himself as he reached over and grabbed Callie’s hand while she turned to stare back in surprise.  She bit back a chuckle and finally convinced herself to let go and give in to the fussies in her tummy. She sank comfortably in her seat and let her shoulder rub against his.

They sat through the movie and tried their best not to seem too much like one of those spanking new couples who can’t stop glancing at one another. Once outside, he regretted being an ass and bringing his own car, so after much stumbling over his words at trying to figure out how to ask, he finally asked shyly if he could follow her home.

She made some comment about slasher flicks and called him a stalker. But agreed nonetheless.

He smiled like an idiot throughout the  entire ride, then, was happy to follow her up to her door.

“Can I come in and maybe try to seduce you?” He asked, smiling shyly as she turned around to meet his eyes with a glare. He chuckled, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

She took a deep breath and bravely eyed him from head to toe appreciatively. She grinned inwardly at the way he seemed to squirm under her gaze, “You going to kiss me or what, Sheppherd?”

He almost skipped, but he managed to keep a straight face as he seemed to seriously consider it for a second, then shook his head promptly, “Nah, I think I’ll let you chew on that for a  while.”

She squinted as she seriously considered punching him, but she knew his little game, so after biting her cheek for a while, she nodded approvingly, then said brightly, along with a beaming smile, “Okay. Goodnight.” She turned toward her door, but before she could even pull out her keys, she felt a hand on her arm before there was a gentle tug and she found herself being pressed gently against the wooden door. She smiled as Derek leaned forward and hovered only inches above her mouth.

“I thought you were going to let me chew on it for a while.” She teased, licking her lips in anticipation.

“I don’t know--” He replied I an equally playful tone as his hand fell from her arm, and down to her hip, “--I thought it’d be a little cruel to leave you guessing.”

“Aww..” She said mockingly in a low tone, “--please put me out of my misery.”

He tilted his head slightly to the side as his eyes fell to her lips, more than amazed at how unaffected she seemed to be by his nearness. He wasn’t very good at hiding weakness, so he inched a little closer and grazed his lips over hers, letting the soft flesh of her lips, play over his.

She drew in a sharp breath and cursed herself for losing her cool so quickly. A shiver ran through her and it made her shrug her shoulders slightly as she leaned back against the door and felt him smirk cockily against her.

Her heart rate quickened a little and her hands became a little clammy. She thought about pushing him away because he was enjoying it way too much, but before she could protest, his lips were firmly on hers and her hand went up to sink into his hair as she sighed and arched her back against the door while he pulled away for only a second to tilt his head and kiss her again.

He leaned into her, his hips flush against hers as she parted her lips and he tentatively slipped his tongue between them, groaning inwardly as it found her own and he pulled away swiftly.

She forced her eyes open and she caught her breath before clearing her throat and he did the same.

“Do you want to come in?” She asked, her hand moving swiftly down over his chest.  

He licked his lips and fought the urge to claim her mouth again, “Yes.”

She fumbled with her keys, her eyes glued to his as she found the correct one and turned to place it into the keyhole. Her breath hitched as leaned forward, both hands braced on the doorframe as he nuzzled his nose to her hair and his breath was warm on her neck. She closed her eyes and her head lulled to the side involuntarily, this apparently, gave him enough permission to kiss the side of her neck, his lips barely grazing her skin, but it made the spot he’d touched burn anyway.

She released a slow, easy breath as she turned the handle and he followed her inside.

“Good evening!”

She froze once inside, forcing Derek to stumble a bit behind her at the sudden stop and they both looked up at their greeter. Her in more chock and surprise and he--well, he wasn’t surprised.

“Hey…Mark.” Callie greeted nervously, tucking her hair behind her ear, smiling awkwardly, “What are you--what are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know--” Mark answered as he stood from the couch, a couple of empty bottles of beer on the coffee table, and he smiled brightly at the two, “--just hanging out with my friend, Yang, here.”

Cristina stood from the other end of the couch and headed into the kitchen as Callie closed the door and Derek continued to glare animatingly at Mark, “Get him out of here, please.” Cristina mumbled past Callie.

Mark laughed exaggeratingly and clasped his hands together, “I’m so glad you two are here. Friends. Let’s all--let’s all sit and have a couple of drinks. Yang and I were just talking about how we don’t spend enough time with our friends, Callie and Derek.”

“I never said that.” Cristina cut in dryly as she pulled a beer from the fridge and leaned against the counter.

“So where are you coming from?” Mark continued, arms crossed over his chest to hide his hands now in fists, “Work?”

“We were on a date, as a matter of fact.” Derek countered, making Callie turn sharply toward him.

“Oh!” Mark chuckled at the two, “How nice. Callie is dating. Derek is dating. Derek is dating to forget Meredith and Callie is dating to forget--well, what blonde are you dating this week, Callie?”

Callie glared and Derek did the same, more protective of Callie’s feelings than anything else, as Cristina’s jaw dropped and her eyes crinkled at the corners with a bemused smile.

“Mark, shut up.” Derek ordered firmly.

“Don’t tell me to shut up.” Mark retorted in the same manner.

“Mark, shut up.” Callie cut in, her eyes warning him to shut it before he lost a limb.

He turned sharply in her direction, his eyes accusing as he stared at her. She stood up straight and defiantly towards him. He couldn’t fathom the thought of losing her to Derek, out of all people. Not this time. He gritted his teeth before continuing, “Why?”

“Stop it, Mark.” Derek said sharply.

“Stop barking orders at me.” Mark countered back. 

“Stop being a bitch and I’ll stop barking orders at you.”

“Oh--” Cristina said in a low tone, then added a soft, bemused chuckle as she smoothly and slowly slid onto the counter top, crossing her legs to be more comfortable.

Meanwhile, Callie stood, somewhat between the two men, kind of horrified, kind of wishing this wasn’t her life. She looked from one man to the other, and noted how they both seemed to almost glare at each other. Like beasts about to tear each other apart--or like two frat boys drunkenly fighting over a drunk blonde. She found both metaphors kind of annoying. And  little distracting. So, she boldly, cut between them. “Guys, let’s settle down for a second--”

“She doesn’t want you here, Mark.” Derek cut her off, ignoring her.

Callie fumed alittle, but remained calm, “Okay, let’s not start with that…”

“I’m always here.” Mark countered, his eyes never leaving Derek’s angry glare, “We’re best friends. I practically live here.”

“Mark--” Callie started calmly.

“Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want you here.” Derek said in a louder tone than Mark’s, a threatening smile plastered on his face. “Maybe she can’t figure out how to tell you and that’s why she was on a date with ME.”

“Derek--come on…” Callie said to the other  one, taking a short breath and gritting her teeth when Mark held his hand up for her to be quiet.

“You’ve known her for all of two minutes, and you’re speaking for her?!” Mark scoffed. 

“No one speaks for me--” Callie sneered.

“--if anyone’s got bragging rights, it’s me” Mark interjected, yet again, “I can speak for her, you can’t.”

“You think because you’ve shared her bed, you have the right to claim her? You can’t claim anything but the beer in her fridge.”

“I can claim more of hers than you, that’s for damn sure.”

Cristina laughed again, looking a little like a seven year old watching Sunday morning cartoons.

“And then you wonder why she doesn’t take you seriously--you’re a child.”

“Says the man with the comic book collection…”

Callie was slightly blindsided by the little revelation about Derek, but she was too pissed off to find it endearing, “Okay, enough--” She said sternly, but the two men were getting closer to one another, bickering until they had almost closed her out.

“--YOU’RE the bitch--” Mark said proudly.

“Yeah, well this bitch has kicked your ass more than once, so what does that make you?”

“You want to go, pretty boy? Let’s go!”

“Okay, stop it!” Callie shouted as she squeezed between them and roughly pushed at their chests to separate them. She snapped her fingers in front of both their faces, then smacked both their faces lightly to get their attention. A lifetime with three older brothers had taught her how to stop a fight or two. She stared defiantly at both, and they suddenly seemed to feel shameful under her glare, “It’s a never ending spiral with the two of you! You’re standing here, arguing and I’d bet neither of you even know why anymore!” They both started to speak, but she cut them off, “And don’t say this is over me. It’s not. And I am telling you right now, if you two idiots stops being friends--again-- I will KILL the both of you!” She shook her head, “This is why neither of you can keep a  woman!”

Cristina snickered in the background, but she continued, unaffected, after taking a deep, calming breath that didn’t really work, “So, I’m leaving.” She nodded decisively,  “You’re staying here and you’re going to TALK. And I don’t want to hear from either of you until you stop acting like five year olds fighting over a toy fire truck! Got it?!” She turned to Derek,  “I am not yours!” She heard Mark start to laugh, so she turned sharply towards him, “Or YOURS! GOD!” She threw her hands in the air after snatching her keys from off the counter and slamming the door behind her.   

They stood there for a  while, eyes to the floor until they are both eerily aware of Cristina staring smugly from her spot on the counter.

“This is all your fault.” Mark spits at Derek.

“My fault--”

“Why the hell do you have to have take the one thing that’s ever really been mine.”

“Uh--” Derek started, facetiously, “--I think you missed the entire point of her storming out of here.”

“You’re an asshole.” Mark continued, “Why do you want to be with her? Because she’s with me?”

‘She’s not with you, Mark.”

“But she could be!” He shouted defensively, “We have history! She’s MY friend, she’s MY Callie, not yours!”

“How OLD are you? Really?” Derek countered.

“Stop fucking around, I’m not fucking around with you.” Mark growled as he stepped forward threateningly.

Derek stared back and waited before adding in a steady voice, “Do you really want her, Mark? Or are you throwing yet another fit?”

“She’s my friend--” Mark said warningly, “--and you’re…still harboring some stupid little grudge against me because of Addison.”

“This is not about Addison--”

“Yes, it is.” Mark said, eyeing Derek up and down, “I don’t care if Callie doesn’t want me. I just don’t want you anywhere near her because eventually, you’ll project your little girl issues against me toward her, and I swear, Derek--if I lose her because of you, I WILL hurt you.”

“Don’t threaten me.” Derek said seriously.

“Don’t underestimate me.” Mark countered back with a tight smirk, before grabbing his jacket and heading out with a loud slam of the door.

Derek tightened his hands into fists. Once. Two times, until he heard Cristina clear her throat and he quickly turned toward her. He blinked a couple of times, realizing she’d seen all of it, before smiling apologetically, “Sorry you had to see that.”

“I’m not.” She replied blankly, beer cradled in her hand.

He nodded and smiled tightly, “I should probably go.”

“Okay.” She replied dryly.

He stopped before opening the door and turned to Cristina, “Do you think I’m poisonous for Callie?”

Cristina sighed. She really hated giving advice, “I think Callie likes babies and commitment and fighting about leaving the toilet seat up. And I think McSteamy just likes fighting with her. And I KNOW you like babies and commitment and all the crap.” She shrugged.

He nodded and twisted the doorknob. He stopped again before exiting, “Should I call her--”

“No. She will tear you a new one over the phone. Let it lie.”

He nodded, seriously considering the advice before leaving.


He walked for a while. Once outside, the fresh air felt good. It felt good on his face. It felt good on his mind.

So he walked. For so long, he had not noticed It had been nearly forty minutes.

As he neared a corner Deli, his stomach started to remind him that he hadn’t eaten in a while. So he made a bee line towards the Deli and welcomed the warm smells of various sandwiches and subs as he entered. He was about to turn to order, when he spotted a beautifully, angry face in a corner table. He couldn’t help it. He smiled.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Callie mumbled from where she sat.

His face fell immediately, but he moved toward her table anyway, “Before you--attack me with that spork you’re holding tightly in your grip--” He started, “--I would just like to apologize for tonight. I--I have no excuse.” He laughed and stopped as her eyes caught some ridiculous light and it made her eyes seem extra bright. He smiled again. This had definitely nothing to do with Addison, “I hope you know that this, between you and me, has nothing to do with Mark. Or Addison.”

“Addison--” She frowned, “--what does--”

“Mark.” He replied with a tight smirk, “He thinks this is about him sleeping with Addison, I--I don’t know why I said that, and I can tell by the slightly irritated look on your face, that you’re taking his suggestion under consideration, but trust me, you have nothing to do with Addison.”

She stared silently back. Whatever it was, she wanted to know what twisted point he was getting at.

“In fact--” he continued, “You’re about the only person I’ve ever met in this city that has nothing to do with anything that’s ever gone wrong in my life, and I really want to know why that is.” He laughed nervously because she didn’t seem amused and he scratched his stubble peppered cheeks and stepped a little closer to her table, “That didn’t sound quite right. I realize that. But you intrigue me like--nothing ever has, and I want to know you. And--that’s all I’m going to say. I know you’re probably still angry.”

“Yes.” She said quickly, proud of herself for not letting hi  soften her, even though, he’d just made her chest  a little tight.

“Okay.” He nodded, stepping back to give her room, “I don’t want to steal you away. I just want to maybe have a bigger part of you than Mark does.” He said frankly.

“Whoa, wait a second--” She started, shifting in her seat a little to catch his attention again, “--Mark thinks you’re going to steal me away?”

“Yeah.” He laughed, then stopped quickly at look on her face, “No, you know he’s just being--this is what he does, Callie, he’s--”

“He’s my family.” Callie cut in as she stood and gathered her things, and met his gaze, “I don’t really care how weird that sounds. He’s my family, and--I can’t do this to him. If he feels this strongly--”

“Mark doesn’t feel strongly about anything!”

She smiled sadly, “He feels strongly about you. You should know that.”

He grabbed her hand as she moved to leave, “Callie, come on--”

She looked down at her hand in his briefly, before looking back up and saying in a low tone, “Let go of my hand, please.”

After a long, silent pause, he reluctantly released her hand from his grip and he watched her walk out of the Deli.  

He didn’t know her very well. He knew it shouldn’t have felt like he was losing a finger. But it did, strangely feel, like losing a limb as the door closed behind her.

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