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Moment of Surrender 9/9

Moment of Surrender 9/9

Title: Moment of Surrender 9/9
Rating: R
Pairing: Callie/Mark, Callie/Derek
Disclaimer: All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in this work are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a  fictional context and are not intended to be defamatory or factual in anyway.  
“When have you ever seen a headless chicken? You’re from Manhattan.”

To my Megan, because I love her to death.

At the moment of surrender

“Callie, stop--” Mark said, sternly but calmly, his face in his hands, his elbows perched on his knees as he sat at the edge of her bed. He didn’t have to look up to know she was hurrying around the room, finding her clothes so she could go after Derek, “--stop running around like a headless chicken!” He yelled, the heels of his palms squeezing his eyeballs against his eyelids.

“When have you ever seen a headless chicken? You’re from Manhattan.” She replied dryly, sitting next to him on the bed to slip on her boots.

He looked up and to his right after feeling the mattress shift beside him, “He’s had enough women run after him in the past, and believe it or not, he hasn’t been worth it.”

She stopped then, hair in her face, mind elsewhere. She licked her lips self consciously and turned to face him. His eyes looked sad. Like she was abandoning him.

When she finally spoke up, her voice was soft, “He came after ME, though.”

He nodded and stood quickly to get dressed.

She sighed and closed her eyes momentarily, “Mark, I can’t do this again. We’ve already talked about it. You can have sex with anyone you want, you will--find someone--”

“You think this is about sex?!” he cut her off angrily, shirt in his hand, pants unbuttoned, “This is about you and me and about you and Derek, and about me losing my best friend after this!”

“--you’re not going to lose Derek, I’ll make sure of that!”

“I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!”  He shouted, “What happens when you catch up to him and he gets over it?!” he pulled his shirt on. He grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. “It’s not the sex I’m going to miss, but I’m glad you’re not thinking twice about it. I’m really glad he’s worth it.”

“Mark--” She flinched as the door slammed behind him. “--god damn it…” She cursed in a breath, then opted to get up and find her phone.


“--I’m coming…” Addison mumbled, half asleep as she stumbled out of her bedroom and, eyes still closed, bumped her shoulder against a wall. Knocking on the door grew more persistent and she groaned, rubbing her ore shoulder as she switched on a light and blinked her eyes open, “--I sad I’m coming!” She winced and her hand flew to her forehead, a hangover settling quickly in her temple, “Oh, damn it--” She hissed, then, at swinging her door open, she groaned louder to the ceiling, “Damn it!”

“How much do you hate me that you had to withhold information from me? I thought we had moved past that, I’ve apologized, you’ve accepted. Why are you such a hateful bitch, Addison--”

“Oh whoa!” She held both hands up defensively at her ex husband, “First of all!” She continued in the same tone he’d been speaking to her, “I’ve drank like a fish and my head is pounding! Two, you do not come pounding on my door at four in the morning only minutes after I’ve KINDLY picked you up from the airport and taken you, my ex husband, to see my best friend, whom you’re suddenly completely in love with! And three, what information, you lunatic?!”

He stood, silent in her doorway, tired, disappointed, angry and now--guilty. “I went over there--” He sighed, “--I found her room, she opened the door and she was--she had been…Mark was there.”

Realization dawned on her and her features softened with sympathy. She took a deep breath and stepped aside, further opening the door for him to step through, “Want some coffee?”

His mouth opened but nothing came out, so he nodded instead as he walked inside.

“Straight through to the left.” She instructed as he grunted and headed for the kitchen. She worried her bottom lip and drummed her fingers on the her hip as she waited to hear Derek settle in the kitchen. One final strain of the ear in his direction, and she grabbed her phone off the table beside her. She dialed quickly and didn’t wait for a reply as the line was picked up and she hissed into the receiver, “Calliope Torres, you get your ass over here right now and pick up your stray puppy before he piddles all over my carpet. NOW.”

“Addy, where’s your coffee?” She heard Derek ask from the kitchen and she closed her eyes after hanging up.

“I’ll be right there!” She replied before heading towards the kitchen.

An hour and three cups of coffee later, an exhausted Addison sat across her kitchen table, listening to Derek babble about Callie and about how it wasn’t fair game because Mark had know her longer.

“Okay, I’m going to stop you right there.” Addison held her hand up and sighed heavily, “Mark--has actually not know her longer. YOU have.”

“Yeah, but--”

“--ah bep bep. I’m not done. You’ve known her longer. He’s her best friend. Now, I don’t know what happened tonight or--what you saw or--I really don’t want to know, but I do know that Callie didn’t come here because she needed a vacation. She came here because she didn’t know what to do.”

“I think she’s figured it out.”

“She didn’t know what to do to make things right with YOU.” She cut in and smiled slightly as she saw it dawn on him. “She came here to figure YOU out. Not Mark. Maybe what you saw--was them…saying goodbye.”

“Addison, come on…”

“Derek, you and Meredith were complicated. Sam and Naomi were complicated. Every relationship. Romantic, platonic or in between is complicated. When there’s intensity and there’s passion--there’s a complexity no one outside that little bubble understands. Callie and Mark are complicated.”

He stared back and grimaced. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“Mark and Callie have no footing.” She replied bluntly. “And Callie knows it. You two have footing together. But you have to understand that he’s her best friend, and how they make the transition to nothing more than a platonic friendship, is up to her. Sick and twisted as it may seem, it’s the only way she knows how.”

Derek smiled then, “Did you just call your supposed best friend sick and twisted.”

“She knows it, I know it, you know it.” They shared a laugh before she added, “Callie is loyal, though, Derek. You’ve got to let her show you that.”

He opened his mouth to reply, when the doorbell rang. He looked at Addison questioningly.

“I’ll be right back.” She scurried before he could question her.

Derek waited a few seconds, hands wrapped around a, now cold, mug of coffee before looking up to see a fresh faced, worried looking Callie come around the corner.

“Hi.” She greeted him quietly.

“Hi.” He echoed, pretending, all too well, that he was not at all aware of her presence didn’t affect him in the least.

She felt her heart flutter in her chest. As if she had lost something long ago and finally found it after a really long time of searching for it. He watched her fidget with her jacket, adjusting and readjusting the hem of her shirt.

She stared back at him, wanting so badly to say something to make it all better, but not knowing what or how to even begin to explain to him what had happened only two hours prior. She had pulled her hair back quickly after showering, not bothering to blow dry before hurrying out the door at Addison’s insistence. A stray strand seemed to fall in her face and she tucked it behind her ear, “I um--I’ve been calling you, I think your phone’s dead…”

“I shut it off.” He said sharply.

“Oh.” She bowed her head for a second, letting the silence sink in, until the tension cut through so deep, she felt like she couldn’t breathe and she spoke firmly when her voice finally made an appearance, “I came here for YOU. Mark and I are over, and for the record, I think I was allowed a little hesitation and--and yes, maybe my friendship with him is a little unorthodox and you might not understand it, but the sex thing is over--as of--you know, NOW. And you need to get over it. You need to get over it because you wanted me to figure it out and I’ve figured it out. I want to be with you, and it would be really great if you wanted to be with me too. Because if you don‘t, that is seriously messed up.” She stopped, nodding proudly to herself as she caught her breath. She looked around the kitchen uneasily as she waited for him to respond, but she saw no expression in his eyes. “If you don’t talk in the next thirty seconds…”

“I could fall in love with you.” He said swiftly, fighting the urge to jump up and pull her into his arms at the stunned look on her face, “That’s what I came here to tell you. And to apologize for being an insecure jerk.”

She stepped through the doorway and slowly pulled out a chair to sit across him. She didn’t know what else to do, other than to sit and wait for him to finish.

“I called my EX-WIFE to ask her to pick me up from the airport, so she could help me find you to plead for forgiveness and to tell you that I haven’t been able to concentrate since you’ve been gone--I’ve had to put off two surgeries, only to find you in post coitus with the man that ended my marriage. Do you know what that felt like?” He asked, his words rough against the softened expression she replied with. “No, you don’t.”

She picked up a paper napkin from the table, held it between her thumb and index finger for a second, then dropped it, making damn sure he was looking at her while she spoke, “I’m not going to sit here and list my heartaches to you, because they don’t matter now. They’re in the past. I put any and all possibility of a future with Mark to take a chance with YOU. I am trusting my feelings for you, and validating them enough to trust you--to trust us and this thing we’ve started. I cleaned my slate for you and if that’s not good enough for you, than you can sit there and look at me like you can’t stand the sight of me and I WILL walk away. I am not going to apologize because there’s nothing to apologize for. This is the only time I’m going to do anything remotely close to explaining myself. I’m done with that. Mark and I are OVER. It’s done. I was going to wake up tomorrow, try and call you, and on the chance that you might have answered my call, I was going to tell you about the beach and about Addison’s stupid tiny house, and then I was going to pack up, and I was going to get on a plane back home.” She waited a good long while, her defiant gaze locked to his own before nodding and lifting her weight off her seat, “Fine--”

He grimaced to himself and quickly got to his feet, “Callie wait--”

“--you call me when feel like getting over this shit…”

“Callie!” He called as she breezed out the kitchen and he followed her in a quick stride, “Hey! Callie--” he grabbed her arms and turned her around, “--stop…”

“Let go of my arm or I’ll kick your ass.”

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wanted to laugh, but he held her firmly anyway. “Callie come on--”

“Stop!” She yelled.

Derek didn’t know what hit him--literally--as he felt a sharp punch at his jaw and he immediately let Callie go before reaching to touch  where he’d been hit. As he turned around, he saw an angry but suspiciously satisfied Mark staring back at him.

“Now, I heard her--” He said smugly, his breath heavy from the sudden rush of adrenaline, “Addy heard her--” he pointed at a shell shocked Addison, who stood now at Callie’s side, “--did YOU not hear her tell you to let her go?”

Derek looked, from Mark to Callie and back to Addison.

“I swear I didn’t call him.” Addison said defensively.

He looked back at Mark and smirked as he dropped his jacket on a nearby chair, “Can I speak to you outside?”

Mark chuckled dryly and shrugged off his jacket, carelessly tossing it at Addison, “Gladly.”

Addison groaned and dropped the jacket on the floor before rolling her eyes and looking over at Callie, “You know they’re going to fight, right?”

Callie sighed heavily and joined Addison with an eye roll of her own, “Do you have any more coffee? I have a feeling we’re going to be here a while.”

“Let me get in on that.” Both women looked over as Cristina walked through the open front door and straight through the living room, towards the glass doors leading out to the beach, “Callie, you know how I take my coffee.”

“Did she bring Mark here?” Addison asked Callie, incredulous.

“He made me!” Cristina tossed over her shoulder before stepping outside.

“Fresh pot?” Callie asked Addison, readying herself for the two little boys outside about to fight like little girls.

Addison sighed heavily and lead Callie into the kitchen, “Let’s go.”

An hour later, three women sat out on the dock, wrapped in blankets, coffee cups at hand, and their newly added co spectator, Sam, sitting right beside them.

“But they’re just--” Cristina sneered, waving her hand around for emphasis, “--yelling at each other, this is not fun.”

“Oh--” Callie sighed as she stared out at Mark and Derek yelling at one another in the near distance, their shouts a loud mumble, “--someone will swing soon.”

“I wish they’d at least make out.” Cristina replied with a pout, receiving questioning glares from every one present. She rolled her eyes and added, “Oh, come on, like you’ve never thought about it.”

Both Addison and Callie considered the thought for a second, then  nodded in accordance.

Sam seemed horrified and shook his head before saying to himself, “Seattle people are crazy.”

“Hey!” Cristina yelled, causing Callie and Addison to giggle beside her as Sam jumped, frightened, and she continued to scold him, “We are open minded people. Callie used to bob for apples, and now she’s back to stick shift. Experimenting never hurt anyone. Experimenting is what we all do in our field, so get over it and hope they make out with us.”

“Okay!” Sam replied defensively.

On the sand, Derek ran his fingers through his hair as he paced angrily back and forth in angry silence. His feet sank against the sand and it aggravated him even more until it moved him to snap again at Mark, “You had sex with her!”

“So what!” Mark replied, hi hands out for exclamation, “You need to move past this if you’re going to want to be with her because she is not going to spend the rest of her life apologizing to you. I won’t let her!”

Derek sneered and choked on his words a couple of times before blurting out, “YOU HAVE TO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HER EVER AGAIN OR I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU, MARK!”

Mark stood back, aghast for a minute at the volume and intensity in the threat. Except, it was more of a plea masked as a threat, and this clutched at Mark’s chest. He took a breath and put his words together before he uttered one single sentence, “Callie’s my best friend--and I love her…but you’re my brother.” His eyes met Derek’s before he continued, “You’re my brother, and I’ve already betrayed you once, I am NOT going to do it again. I will not. You’re good for her and she’s--” He laughed as he spotted her on the deck, “--she’s amazing and she’s great. For you. You two will be great together.” He nodded shyly and bowed his head as he kicked at the sand and cleared his throat. When he looked up, Derek was smiling, “Oh, what? Don’t look at me like that. We are not doing this. We’re are going to go to a bar and drink. Like men.”

But before he knew it, Derek was advancing and he groaned into a hug, waiting a moment before returning the embrace.
“Kiss him!” Cristina yelled from the deck, laughing along with the observing group soon after.

Callie sighed beside Addison and she sipped her wine, “Well, thank god for that.”

“You said it, sister.” Addison replied.

“Can you imagine if they couldn’t make up? You and I would be responsible for breaking up the love story of the century.”

“Oh, god, let’s drink to that.”


They didn’t speak in the drive back from the airport. Derek drove both Callie and Cristina home and Callie waited as her roommate made kissy faces at her and released an amused chuckle before heading inside without her.

Callie laughed and looked down at her lap as Derek shut the engine off and they both waited in uncomfortable silence. His keys swung from the ignition, clanking against each other softly, slight drizzle fell smoothly against the windshield and roof of the car as he looked out the window passively and gripped the wheel loosely. Her chest expanded and returned with every breath she took. She felt calm as she toyed with door handle and tapped her index finger against it as her arm lied softly on the armrest between them.

She closed her eyes and released a soothing breath as she felt a warm, strong hand and fingers thread with her own. Their eyes remained averted as they rested in the quiet of their intimacy for a good long while.

He turned his head and looked at their joined hands. The contrast of their skin made him smile and he spoke the first meaningful thing he’d said to her in days, “I’m sorry.”

She looked over, smug smile stamped on her face as she replied with a bemused eyebrow raised, “Really?”

“Yes. I was raised by women my entire life. I may have some--issues--”


“--I may get a little possessive. I can hold a grudge.”

“No kidding.”

“But I can care. And I do care. About you. A lot. And if you’re up to it, I’d like to make you some dinner tonight.”

Her smile widened. Damn it, she was falling for the dude, “Really?”

“Seven-thirty. My place.” He replied as he inched closer, until their noses grazed and he stared at her lips.

“Should I bring anything?” She asked teasingly, her lips only centimeters away from  his, “Flowers? Wine?”

“Just yourself, Torres. I’ll provide the food and the--liquor to get you sauced.”

“Well--” She touched her lips to his briefly and touched his cheek to get his attention, “--don’t get yourself too sauced because I’m bringing a special gift for the host and he’s going to  have to unwrap it himself.”

“That so?”  He asked, and groaned inwardly as she chuckled seductively, then pulled back and out of his grasp before he could pull her back, “You’re in trouble!” he called after her as she stepped out of his car.

“I hope you’re a better cook than you are a liar.” She replied before waving goodbye then closed the car door, turning toward her building


“Can I have these?” Cristina asked, as she slipped a second electric blue pump out of Callie’s closet.

Callie stepped out of her bathroom in a white cotton robe and scolded her roommate for about the third time that night, “Cristina, leave my shoes alone!” She stepped over the mess of opened shoe boxes scattered about, “Jesus, it looks like Saks exploded in here, what are you doing!”

“Let me have these.” Cristina repeated, showcasing the red, Italian leather shoes out for her roommate to see, “These shoes are sex. I want them.”

“No.” Callie retorted firmly as she moved past Cristina and pinched her on the way, “Take them off and put my shit back.”

“I flew to stupid California with you! The least you can do is give me these shoes.” She spotted another pair of her liking near the bed and she toed of the others as she headed for her new victims, “And these.”

“You need to stop pulling the California card, I already bought you dinner.” Callie said as she dug through her closet and pulled out a fitted black dress, “And I paid for your ticket.”


“You’re a tough friend to keep.”

“Yes, but I’m buckets of fun.” She beamed at Callie, letting out a low whistle as the brunette rid of her robe to reveal black lace boy shorts and a matching embroidered bustier, “Someone’s planning on getting laid.”


“You know it.” She sighed heavily and watched as Callie slipped into the black dress and turned her back for her to zip her up, smacking her bottom as she sighed. “Why do YOU get to get so much McAss and I get nothing?”

“Because you’re a snob.” Callie answered bluntly, bending over to pull her shoes off Cristina’s feet to slip them on.

“I just know what I deserve.” Cristina snapped back, falling against the mattress, watching as Callie grabbed her coat off the chair by the door. She folded her arms under her head as she asked, “So, you and Shepherd are on for good now, or what?”

“Um--” Callie stopped, one arm in her jacket, her brow furrowed as she thought for a second, then smiled, “--you know, I don’t know. But right now, it feels good. It feels like the right thing to do. For once. It feels easy. I mean, it’s complicated, but it’s easy. You know?”

Cristina held Callie’s gaze for a while before replying blankly, “No. I don’t.”

Callie rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse, “Why do I always think I’m talking to someone remotely human when I’m having a conversation with you?”

“Because you’re a sad, sad glass half full person.”

Callie rolled her eyes and dropped her hands to her sides. She thought about comeback, but the doorbell interrupted her and she turned towards the door, “Coming!” She cursed to herself as she tripped on nothing while walking toward the door and she laughed as her hand reached the knob. She smiled in surprise as she pulled the door open, “Mark, what are  you doing here?”

“Nothing--” He stopped in mid sentence, taking in her appearance, his chest aching a little, “--you’ve got a date, huh?”

“Uh--” She looked down at herself self consciously, “--sort of. You know--it’s…nothing.”

“You look great, Torres, relax.”

“I just think--I’m sorry we didn’t get to talk before.” She looked up and met his eyes, which were smiling sadly back at her.

“We said everything we needed to say. I love you and you love me. And Derek is going to love the crap out of you and you’re going to love him back. You’ll have babies and a house and a dog. No cats, because Derek is allergic. And if it doesn’t happen--I’m here.”

“You have to promise me you’ll be okay.”

“I promise you--I will drown my sorrows and heal with beer tonight.” He laughed, then reached for her and pulled her against his chest when she frowned, “Cone on, bone crusher, don’t make this any harder than it should be. You’re still my best friend. And Yang is a good drinking buddy. She’s not you, but she’ll do.” He kissed the top of her head, and pulled back to kiss her forehead, “We’ll be fine, kid. I promise. Me and yang I mean, I don’t know about you. Derek is quite the priss.”

She laughed and slugged his shoulder, “Shut up.”

“You’re going to be late.” He reached for the other end of her jacket and held it for her to slip her arm into the sleeve and he adjusted her collar for her. He winked and kissed her cheek, “You look hot.”

“Thank you.” She blushed slightly.

He touched her cheek one more time and nudged her shoulder playfully, “Come on! We’re okay. Yang!” He called past her, “Let’s go drink! On me!”

“Thank you Jesus…” Cristina mumbled as she stepped out of Callie’s bedroom and grabbed her jacket, smacking Callie’s ass on her way out the front door, “Nock em dead, Tiger.”

“We’re okay.” He assured her again before turning to leave, “Take it easy on him, huh. He’s sensitive.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved him all the way out, “Get out of here.”


They never made it to dinner, skipping right past the pleasantries and right to the post dinner activities. The lied beside one another, a considerable amount of space between them. Not purposely, but more out of subconscious necessity to let themselves breathe after the strenuous work out the two had taken part in only minutes prior. Their hands were joined between their bodies and Callie released a satisfied hum in between panting.

Derek  smiled, raising her hand to his lips and placing a soft kiss there before holding it against his chest, “Was that good for you?” He joked, chuckling along with her.

“It was alright.” Callie replied, feeling Derek’s eyes on her face as she laughed.

“That’s not funny.”

“I’m practically lifeless here, Derek. I think it’s a good sign.”

He took in a few deep breaths, then turned to look at her, “I’m glad you’re here. I like you being here.”

“Well, don’t get any ideas. I came here for the sex. I don’t really do nature.”

“We have to break up.” He said bluntly.

“You’re right.” She replied dryly, “I should go then--” She started to get up and she laughed as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back against his chest, kissing the back of her neck and nibbling on her shoulder.

“I’m going to build a house here soon. You can hide from all the nature when you come over.”

“Well, thank god.” She replied, sighing and resting against his chest , “This place is tiny. But I like it. It’s you.”

“Tiny but pleasant? That doesn’t sound like a compliment.”

She laughed and turned in his arms, searching his eyes for an instant before pressing her lips to his in a light kiss, “You make me feel safe--” She started as she kissed his neck and remained there, “--and like I’m on a roller coaster all at once. I like it.”

He kissed the top of her head once, and then again. He closed his eyes as he breathed her in. “Do you want to eat now?”

“Later.” She mumbled before they both fell into an easy sleep with the simple promise of later. Later, they’d talk about maybe going away together over a late, late dinner. Later, Callie would move into Derek’s new how, in spite of her protesting against it. And much, much later, he’d ask her to marry him three times before she would say yes.


This was such a lame ending, I am so sorry. I know I could have done better, but I’ve been so clogged lately, artistically, hardly anything worth it comes out. But there ya go. It was the best way I could think to end it

Tags: callie/derek, callie/mark

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