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Segments Part 1

Title: Segments
Rating: R
Pairing: Mark/Callie, Callie/Arizona, Addison/Erica, Callie/Derek, Callie/Addison
Disclaimer: All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in this work are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context and are not intended to be defamatory or factual in anyway.
Summary: A few drabbles.


Track 1: Heavy hearts swing low…

“Something blue…” She whispered.

“Like this?“ His hand toyed with hem of her black dress, his fingers catching the underside of the royal blue cami she wore underneath.

Her breath hitched as his knuckles grazed the side of her thigh. She cleared her throat and brushed him off as an elderly woman sent a disapproving glance their way. She felt immediately uncomfortable. A church was not a place to be lured into seduction, after all.

“What else?” He asked, smiling to himself as she sifted in her seat. If he was lucky, he could probably convince her to sneak into a nearby closet before the ceremony.

“Uh--” She replied, choking on her words, “--something--something borrowed…” She half whispered, half moaned as she felt his breath in her ear and she pressed her knees together, her eyes straying momentarily to make sure no one was really paying attention to them.

“Hmm…” He replied, “--reaching out to trace the silver necklace she wore, that fell low, just above her cleavage, then up to the matching earrings that belonged to her mother, “--like these?” He asked in a low, husky tone that was doing its job, apparently, because her cheeks were becoming quickly flushed as she licked her lips.

“Yes.” She said curtly.

“What else?” His lips barely brushed her skin and she shivered.

“And--” She licked her lips again, shifting in her seat, “--Something new.” Before he could further assault her, she turned to him and raised a decisive eyebrow and said sternly, “Five minutes. And if we walk in here after my sister walks down the aisle, I am divorcing you. Got it?”

She stood quickly and he followed, a smug smile on his face as he passed the older woman eyeing them earlier and he winked in her direction.


Track 2: Eye to eye, thigh to thigh, I let go…

Thigh slid over thigh, hands caressed warm, sleep heavy skin, and lips played over lips. Slow and lazy morning kissing that slowly built up tension between the two bodies. The good kind of tension.

Arizona smiled as a hand reached around and grabbed a handful of her ass, pulling her forward and against the thigh pressed deliciously to her center, “What is it with you--” Another kiss, “--and my ass, Calliope?”

“I have a sick obsession with it. It’s one of my favorite things.” She replied against the blonde’s neck, licking and sucking slightly before kissing again and pulling back, their hips rocking back and forth gently. Sighs of contentment slipped from both pairs of lips as they lied side by side.

“Hmm--”Arizona replied after stealing another kiss. She reached around and mimicked her girlfriend’s actions, grabbing a generous handful of Callie’s cotton clad ass, “--I second that emotion.”

Callie giggled and kissed her again, “You’re…just so gay.”

Arizona took the opportunity then to flip Callie onto her back, bracing herself just above her after grinding down against her thigh, a serious wave of pleasure washing over her, “Well, I hope so. Otherwise, we’re going to have a serious problem.”

“What is that?” Callie asked playfully.

“What?” Arizona replied innocently.

“That naughty look in your eye…”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She replied, as agile fingers slipped under the waistband of Callie’s panties, but she froze before she reached the motherland.

“I love you.” Callie said, smiling as Arizona’s eyes widened in surprise, then smiled in realization.


“Yes.” Callie replied with a laugh.

“This is as far as my smile goes--” The blonde pointed at her face, “--that’s how happy you’ve just made me.” She leaned forward and captured Callie’s lips in a heated kiss before pulling back, their bodies flush against one another, “I love you, too, Calliope.”


Track 3: If there’s love, there is no in between…

Callie padded, barefoot, through to the living room, hair everywhere, her eyes squinty with sleep, Mark’s tee shirt covering just enough of her black boy shorts to keep her modest as she followed the noise coming from the kitchen. When she looked over, the only thing she saw, was Mark‘s lower half, clad only in Armani boxers, peaking out from under the sink.

She cocked her head to side in confusion and her voice was hoarse when she spoke, “Did you drop something?”

He paused his ministrations for only a moment before replying, “No. Something’ clogging the drain.”

“And you’re…going to do what exactly?”

“I’m a man. I fix things. It’s what men do.”

“Not men who wear Armani boxers.”

He peaked his head out and frowned, “I can fix things. Hand me the wrench will you?”

She looked behind her and grabbed the heavy object from the countertop, leaning over to hand it to him, “It’s Three in the morning.”

“Go back to sleep.” His voice was muffled as he returned to his task.

“I can’t sleep.” She smiled and bit her lip as she watching him work, a familiar tingle spurring her libido on slowly, “Come back to bed with me.”

“I’m almost done.”

He groaned in exertion and she felt a quiver, “I have to say, I had no idea you even knew what a wrench was.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” He smiled as he pulled himself out from under the sink and wiped his hands clean on dishtowel.

She pushed her weight off the counter and crouched down until she was seated, straddling his lap. Her lips remained only inches away from his as she replied huskily, “Show me, then.”


Track 4: Start me up…
Addison/Erica, long legs, blushing, mystery

First: Reaction
Addison smiled, the initial surprise of seeing the blonde in the crowded LA bar, working its way into allure. She made her way through and took in the woman’s relaxed posture as she stirred her drink with a straw.
Addison felt the sudden need to buy Erica Hahn a drink.
Second: Exchanging pleasantries…
As Addison ordered another round of drinks, Erica asked herself how it was humanly possible that she had not noticed the length of Addison’s legs back in Seattle. Perhaps, she’d been Callie-blindsided …
The other woman’s skirt rode up a bit as she crossed one leg over the other and Erica’s mouth felt suddenly devoid of any moisture. No. She was definitely NOT into men anymore.
“You alright, Erica?”
The blonde was shaken from the inappropriate daydream she was in the midst of, and she looked up to find herself caught with her hand in Addison’s cookie jar. She blushed furiously and nodded her response, blaming her reaction on the heat--and not the one between her legs.
Third: Finalizing the plan…
They shared a cab and as they pulled up to Addison’s now, she battled the pros with the cons in her head. She fought the urge to invite the blonde inside. She thought about Callie…she’d definitely not be okay with the situation.
She glanced at Erica and noticed that the mystery she once possessed had slightly deflated. There was a time when Addison carried herself wit some mystery to her as well.
Callie saw through Erica’s…Addison secretly held a grudge against her for that. For never bothering to see past her own façade. God, she wanted Callie to see through her so badly.
Before she knew it, her hand brushed Erica’s and she imagined Callie doing the same. Curiosity won over jealousy and she smiled, “Want to come inside for a drink?”


Track 5: Strange Universe
Callie’s gay adolescence

“--I don’t believe you.”
“Shut up, Mark.”
“You’re lying through your TEETH, Torres.”
“I’m not.”
“Who was she?”
She bit her cheek and glared at her best friend from across the counter. Suddenly, she drained her glass of wine and pointed a stern finger in his direction, “If you tell Arizona about this, I will tell Little Grey about your love for Boyz to Men.”
He held his hands up in surrender, then sat back comfortably, “Go on.”
She sighed and thought back briefly with a smile before continuing, “Her name was Jennifer. Jenny. I was sixteen. Drunk as a homeless guy. And she was beautiful and--”
“Are you going to interrupt me or are you going to let me finish?”
“Sorry. Continue.”
“Yes, she was blonde. And going off to college--”
“Even then, you liked older women, huh…”
“Okay! Sorry.”
“Anyway, it was a graduation party. She cornered me in a closet…”
“And left you there for a while…”
“--cornered me in a closet. And she kissed me. Her hands were everywhere. My hands were everywhere. And--somewhere between the beer bong and jello shots, she was gone. And she was my first.”
“But--your girlfriend knows about this, right?”
“Of course.”
“Then--why can’t we mention it?”
“She uh--gets a little jealous and then she pouts and it’s an ordeal…”
“Shut up, Mark.”


Track 6: I pictured you in the sun…

“Why is this even becoming an issue?” Mark asked, frustrated, his fingers typing away on his laptop as Lexie glared at him from across the counter.

“Because she’s your hot friend whom you used to have sex with on a more than regular basis and she’s now single and you’re at her APARTMENT ALL THE TIME.”

“You’re being paranoid, Lexie.”

His hands ran up her bare back as she writhed slowly on his lap. Their heavy breath collided in the short space separating their lips and in a moment of desperation and the pure need to feel her against him, he crushed his lips to hers.

“You never call me Lexie…”

The words, fallen so softly from her lips, pulled him from his reverie and he shook his head slightly as he looked up at her for the first time since this conversation started, “What?”

“--you--you never call me Lexie. I’m Little Grey.”

“You’re a grown woman, Lexie. But if you want me to call you Little Grey, I’ll call you Little Grey.”

“That’s not the point.”


“Are you sleeping with her, Mark?”

She rolled off him, her leg still hooked to his, her sheets a mess on her bed, their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as they panted heavily and regret separated them.

“This can never happen again, Mark.” Callie breathed the words heavily before licking her lips and closing her eyes momentarily to enjoy the blissful soreness of her body.

“I can’t not do this again.” He mumbled, their chests heaving as regret became nothing in the growing heat and reemerging lust as his fingers touched her own and they slowly gravitated towards one another until he was flush against her and her legs were wrapped around his waist, where they belonged.

“No. I’m not sleeping with her.” He replied. And when their eyes met, he could see she knew he was lying.


Track 7: Bad boys get spanked…
Derek/Callie, high school

Callie looked nervously around the overly crowded airport, chewing on her bottom lip, carry on bag in hand as her eyes scanned the crown mercilessly. “Come on come on come on…”

She sighed and groaned in frustration, removing her sunglasses and stuffing them in the side pocket of her bag before stuffing a fidgeting hand in the pocket of her jeans. Her eyes widened and lit up, her smile a ridiculous size as she spotted him in the distance. Their eyes met and she laughed as he smiled at her, dropping her bag carelessly on the floor and started on a hurried step toward him that turned into a sprint, and soon in a full on run towards Derek as he moved quickly in her direction.

His arms circled her waist tightly as she leaped into his arms and wrapped both legs around his waist. He claimed her lips and squeezed her tightly, his chest flush against his as they kissed. Lips searching, tongues battling, teeth clashing. She moaned against him, and it dawned on him, that they were in a public place. He forced himself to pull away and he smiled at his girlfriend, “How’s high school?”

“Sucks.” She replied breathlessly, “How’s college.”

“Sucks.” He laughed, kissing her one more time before setting her down on her feet and leading her towards the exit, “Come on.” He scooped her bag off the floor in passing, his grip tight on her hand before he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles, “Where do your parents think you are?”

“In California, looking at schools.” She smiled proudly as he chuckled and shook his head. “So you better show me around yours. That way the lie won’t be so big.”

“You’re crazy.” He said lovingly as they stepped out, into New York Winter and he pulled her back into his arms, stealing another kiss, “I’ve missed you.”

Later, when she lied, sleeping with her head on his chest, he looked down at her and smiled, “I’m going to marry you.”

Her eyes still closed, she smiled and replied, “You’ve worn me out with sex for a couple of hours, but I can still hear you. I have to say yes first.”

He froze for an instant, terrified, before adding, “Will you say yes when I ask?”


He relaxed then and settled back against his pillow, “You get twenty minutes and then we’re going again.”

“Twenty minutes, grandpa?” She lifted her head and scooted to straddle his waist, the sheet slipping off her body as she sat up and watched him watch her, “I’m ready now.”

“You’re beautiful.” He replied simply as he sat up and pressed his lips to hers.


Track 8: Dia de Enero…
Callie/Arizona: sunglasses
chwitchety (I know I still owe you one from last time, girl. Here it is. You‘re a sweetheart. The idea you had actually made me want to write a full oneshot, so if you don‘t mind, that will be posted later.)

Arizona glanced at her watch one more time and winced. Twenty minutes late. She swerved a little and apologized at the honking vehicles, as if they could hear her, and bit her cheek nervously as she pulled up to the courthouse. She parked in the first spot available and climbed out of her car in a hurry, looking around the steps, populated by people having their lunch and taking smoking breaks.

“Where are you, Calliope…” She whispered to herself as she walked up the steps. She stopped short, however, at the view she got of her gorgeous girlfriend. She had been more on the sleep side than anything when Callie left that morning, so she didn’t get a look at what she was wearing, but, dear god, she wished she had because she would have definitely made her late.

She let out a low whistle as she took her in from heat to toe. From the soft waves falling over her shoulders, to the black cashmere, singed waisted, coat she wore unbuttoned to reveal a low cut, but still modest enough, white negligee type of blouse that clung to her body in all the right places and fell just in time to meet the waist of the black designer straight leg dress pants that hugged her hips just as perfectly as the blouse, then fell in a soft flare and onto the black--oh, those shoes were new. She had definitely not seen those before. Prada. Definitely Prada black pumps.

Arizona’s mouth went dry, however, when she spotted the dark aviator glasses hiding Callie’s eyes. She had not seen those either. They were scruffy and sexy and suited Callie perfectly. The sunlight bounced off the new, shiny, shields and Arizona looked around self consciously because her belly was all a flutter and she licked her lips as naughty images developed in her mind and a slight blush crept up her cheeks, a predatory gleam in her eye…

Callie sighed and looked around once more. No sign of Arizona. Finally deciding to call a cab, she turned in time to see the blonde reach her, “Arizona, I’ve been waiting--” Her words were swallowed by a deep, demanding kiss and a strong arm around her waist that left her breathless as the blonde pulled away, “--what was that?” Callie asked, surprised--but now turned on.

“Let’s go home. NOW.”


Track 9: Spooky girlfriend...
Mark/Callie, Halloween

“Okay, are you ready?” Callie’s muffled voice called from behind the bathroom door, while an anxious Mark waited impatiently at her bed.

“Yes! Callie, I’ve been ready for fifteen minutes, can you just come out here, please?!” He sat, slumped and tired from the longest shift of his life, “Come on! We’re going to lose our reservations!”

“This thing takes a while to put on, Mark!” She swung the door open and posed in the doorway, both hands on her hips, one knee bent, adding an extra flair to the black form fitting outfit, fishnet stockings and bunny ears.

He sat up immediately as his eyes drank in every inch of her and he found himself at a loss for words and suddenly, very alert. “You’re a--uh--you’re a playboy bunny,”

She smiled proudly and took a couple of steps forward before turning around to wiggle the bunny tail at him. Smiling over her shoulder, she asked, “What do you think?”

“That’s what you’re wearing to the Halloween party tomorrow?” He asked, moving to cross one leg over the other, scratching his chin thoughtfully, “There are going to be people there, how are you going to explain?”

“Explain what?” She asked.

“Explain you being extremely late because I’m going to keep you in here for a few hours.” He said quickly before grabbing her arm and pulling her to stand between his legs. His hands found her hips and he smiled up at her as he reached around to cup her ass and found the bunny tail, “Hello, bunny rabbit.”

“Hands off.” She demanded, not sounding very believable as she sat on his lap and allowed him one kiss, “We’re going to be late for dinner.”

“Screw dinner. I’ll have YOU for dinner.” He growled against her neck.

“And what about me?” She asked, suppressing a moan.

“I’ve got something you can munch on.”

“You’re disgusting.”

He replied by slipping one arm under her knees and picking her up, only to throw her carelessly on the bed, the bunny ears falling off her head, “Put the bunny ears back on and I’ll buy you a feast.” He he added, smoldering look directed at her as he undid his tie.


Track 10: baby love...

Addison grunted and groaned as she attempted to balance two bags of groceries, one bag containing strict lunch order of tuna salad with pickles. One the side. A wild berry slurpee and a bag of Cheetos. Very specific. Every meal was recently very specific.

She smiled victoriously as she managed to kick the car door shit with one perfectly pointed new pair of Prada pumps, “Take that, you bastard.” She mumbled to herself and smiled as she walked up to her door, sighing thankfully at finding it ajar because there was no way she could have gotten through opening the door herself without a catastrophe in which she would have lost her wife’s lunch, and that--that would not have been good.

The door clicked shut quietly behind her and she froze for a second at the sound of Callie moving around in the kitchen. She walked slowly, careful not to step too hard as she snuck around the corner to see Callie’s cotton clad ass moving slightly to whatever beat was in the brunette’s head and Addison couldn’t help but smile as the muscles of bare, caramel thighs flexed with every little swing of her ass and arched a bemused eyebrow as the matching, black muscle shirt rode up to reveal just a little bit of her lower back, two dimples saluting her proudly.

“You’re cooking?” Addison finally spoke up, bewilderment in her voice as Callie turned, wide eyed and startled, half a strawberry peaking out from between her lips as Addison glared, “You called me at work requesting, this--” She held the bags up momentarily, “--crap to eat specifically because you had been craving it all day, and you’re cooking?!”

“It’s just strawberries!” She defended, through a mouthful of fruit, five month pregnant belly peaking out just slightly as she walked forward, leaning forward to place a lingering kiss over Addison’s lips as she grabbed the bags off her hands, “Hello.”

“Hi.” Addison replied, cradling the back of Callie’s head to steal another kiss, then a third before allowing her out of her embrace to place the grocery bags on the marble counter, “How was your day off?”

“Uneventful.” Callie replied, turning with her slurpee now in hand before she offered a smirk, “Lonely. How was work?”

“Mostly just lonely.” She replied, her eyes falling on Callie’s belly again before closing the gap between them to place her hands over the just visible, but clearly evident baby bump and place a soft kiss to it, “But I’m okay now. Hello, my love.” She cooed, then looked up at her lover, a beaming smile on her face.

“See?” Callie started as Addison rose up to meet her lips and encircle her waist again, “I told you coming back to Seattle was a good idea.”

“Yeah.” Addison nodded, “Too much sun can really get to you. I really missed the rain.”

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