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I've Got This Soul 6/10

I’ve Got This Soul 6/10

Title: I’ve Got This Soul…
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Callie, Callie/Mark (eventually)
Disclaimer: All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in this work are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a  fictional context and are not intended to be defamatory or factual in anyway.  
Summary: The Torres siblings are back!

Author’s Notes: For my Megan because you’re amazing and I love you more everyday.


I’m coming up only to hold you under…


Cristina readjusted her sunglasses as she stepped out of the small Deli. She adjusted her sunglasses over her eyes as she took a large bite of her sandwich, sighing heavily as she and Meredith looked around the crowded eatery, “Is everyone really desperate for Buy-one-get-one-free sandwiches?”

“Everyone’s broke.” Meredith replied offhandedly.

“Who’s broke?” Derek cut in as he handed each woman a cup of coffee, then took a sandwich from the paper bag Meredith held.

“Everyone.” Both women replied in unison.

Knowing better than to as for more information, Derek nodded and dug into his sandwich.

“Where’s Sloan?” his wife asked.

“I lost him in there. He’ll make his way out.”


“So, call me if there’s anything you need.” He said sternly as he helped her into her jacket.

“Yeah--” She nodded, keys and purse at hand as she headed for the door, “--thanks.” 

“Hey--” He stopped her, hand wrapped around her wrist as she turned and he smiled meekly, “--you’re going to get better. You’re halfway there.”

“I know.” She replied, secretly fearing she really wasn’t and was instead, taking steps back in record speed.

“I’ll see you around.”

She leaned over, kissed his lips softly and touched his cheek briefly before leaving his office.


“I knew McSteamy was all looks and no brains. Is it really that hard to buy a bagel?” Cristina complained.

“Is that Callie?” Meredith cut in as her companions’ eyes darted in the direction in which she was looking, across the street.

“Yep.” Cristina replied, “She had therapy this morning, that must be it.” Her eyes widened behind the dark shade of her glasses as a tall, classically handsome exited the building Callie stood outside of and called her name, “And that hot piece of ass must be the good doctor.”

Heads tilted a little as the stranger reached out to place Callie’s forgotten scarf around her neck.

“That’s nice of him.” Derek said dryly.

Silent looks of surprise followed as the man proceeded to kiss Callie in a less than modest manner.

At this Cristina inquired, “She must pay him extra for that.”  

“I almost got trampled on by three sixty year olds.” Mark grumbled as he joined the trio outside the deli, cream cheese bagel in one hand, coffee in the other, “Let’s go back to the apartment, there aren’t any tables.”

“Yeah, I agree, let’s go.” Derek said quickly as they all made and attempt to lead him the opposite way before he saw anything.

Mark looked up briefly, then did a double take at spotting Callie outside the building across the street. His face fell instantly, then grew stern and pissed off as the taste of the coffee on his tongue and the way she’d left him the other night clashed violently with the image he was now facing. The strange man kissed her promptly a few more times before leaving her.

“Mark--let’s go.” Derek said promptly.

But before he could protest, Callie caught his eye and her stomach tied in knots and instantly dreaded what was to come. She sighed, “Shit.” Then quickly remembered she was done apologizing and raised her chin up as she crossed the street in a sprint to join the group. “Hey guys.”

“Coffee?” Cristina said quickly, offering her cup.

She smiled in return, taking a sip before returning the cup to its original owner, then unwillingly bathing in the sudden tension surrounding them.

“We were about to go back to your place--” Meredith cut in, attempting to cut the tension in half, “--join us for breakfast.”

“I don’t believe this.” Mark breathed under his breath.

Derek, Cristina and Meredith looked anxiously, from mark to Callie, then back as the two exchanged murderous glances.

“What?” Callie snapped.

“We could eat here--” Meredith offered, then added, going ignored, “--you know, where there are witnesses.”

“I’m assuming that was your shrink.” Mark cut in, eyes attempting to do the same, “You’re fucking your shrink??”

“I don’t understand why this is any of your business. So, it’s better that you stop now while you’re ahead, Mark.” She replied calmly.

He laughed bitterly, “This is what you’re going to do now? You think this is making you better? Your decisions aren’t getting any more intelligent, Callie, they’re pretty fucking low, actually--”

“Hey, Mark--” Derek cut in firmly, stopping him from saying something he would later regret.

“What? Are you jealous, Mark?” She asked, matching his tone.

Rather than answer truthfully and say that yes in fact he was in a blind rage he was trying very hard to hide, he opted for something more helpful in his attempt to hate her, “You’re full of shit and I hope you know what you’re doing, because fucking people up and down the block isn’t going to change the fact that what’s going on in your head goes way beyond everything you think is the problem--”

“And what is the problem, Mark?” She snapped, “Since you claim to know me so well, please, cure me.”

“Guys come on--” Derek tried again, going once more unnoticed.

After no answer from Mark, Callie added, her voice cracking involuntarily, “The real problem is that I thought too much of  YOU. If I ever thought you were a decent human being, that was my mistake. You’re a selfish asshole, and you don’t get to diagnose me when your own insecurities are eating you alive every single moment of your miserable life.”

Cristina released a silent grunt in sympathizing with Mark.

Raising his voice in anger, and mostly, to over power her, he cut in, “What are you DOING, Callie?? Fucking everything in a mini skirt isn‘t enough? You have to fuck mental health physicians too? That‘s very progressive. VERY nice, Callie--”


“--no, you know what? Enjoy whatever the hell it is you want to do. Get better, don’t get better. I’m over IT.” He wanted to stop talking. But something wouldn’t let him. His blood was boiling and it was near spilling over, “The sad part is, everyone knew this would be your next thing. Yeah, the drinking and binging stopped, but you’re still spreading your legs for anyone who will look at you sideways.”

Collective warnings from Meredith and Cristina went ignored, along with Derek telling him sternly that that was enough.

Callie laughed bitterly, tears welling up in her eyes, as she said angrily but steadily, “Anyone but you, Mark, that’s for sure.” He opened his mouth to reply but she continued before he could do so, “That’s what’s really bothering you, isn’t it? That it’s anyone but you. Well, rest assured, you won’t be coming anywhere near my legs again. I’d rather never have sex than let an insensitive, Ignorant, selfish asshole like you touch me again.” Her voice cracked as she spoke and she had to force to keep it together with a deep breath, “You don’t know me anymore.” She spat, “You haven’t known me in a long time, Mark. Because it’s what YOU wanted. So this caveman bullshit act you’re putting on because it’s not just women I’m fucking now, is going to waste. It wasn’t MEN I didn’t want. It wasn’t MEN that weren’t working. It was YOU. It’s always YOU and I’m done. I’m not your concern anymore so lay the fuck off for once and for all. Nobody asked for your help in the first place.” With that and a stray tear she wiped off her cheek immediately, she turned on her heel and stormed off.

Mark angrily sipped his coffee, welcoming the stinging sensation on his taste buds as he drank too quickly.

She walked around the block to avoid giving the satisfaction of seeing her walk away. She sniffled and breathed out through her mouth, then breathed in again as she crossed the street. She raised her chin and squared her shoulders.

No more, she thought as she pulled at the hem of her jacket. She was done feeling sorry for herself. She needed to get over the feeling so she could move on with her life.

She stopped a block from her building, eyes widening in surprise, and then in utter shock. In that moment, she forgot everything she had been feeling up until then, as she spotted the woman in the dark aviator glasses identical to her own outside her building, surrounded by three tall men--two of which were busy arguing loudly--

She looked around for a car to duck behind, pesky crown. Anything to shield her from the view of her siblings. And then, the worst happened.

“Calliope, there you are!” Aria bellowed at spotting her, then waved her over as her brothers turned expectedly in her direction as well.

She stared in painful astonishment before slowly, sluggishly, dragging her feet toward them.

“You look good, baby sis.” Jonathan, the middle child of the Torres kids met her halfway and pulled her into a tight embrace. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder as she allowed herself the comfort of being cared for and loved.

She sighed and closed her eyes as he kissed the top of her head. Her big brother always having been her protector, she welcomed the fortification earnestly. “Are you okay?” She heard him ask softly, and it was then that she realized she was now crying. She muffled soft sobs against her brother’s chest. All the while, the rest of her siblings crowded around her, murmuring words of encouragement as someone caressed her hair and another rubbed her back tenderly.

She felt the tension melt off her body with her tears, and after a few minutes, she managed enough will power to pull herself together and pull back, to embarrassingly wipe her eyes with the back of her hand, “Oh, god--” She laughed through her sniffles as concerned eyes scanned her from head to toe and asked silently about her well being, “--I’m fine, really. I’m just--I don’t know where that came from.”

“Cal--” Hector, the oldest of the brothers started strictly, “--what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine!” She laughed again, breathing in a gush of cold air. She patted her brother’s arm and smiled at everyone, forging her supposed well being by adding, “You’ve literally caught me right out of therapy. It was just kind of heavy and intense, that’s all.” She lied easily. She always could hide things from her brothers. And even as her sister offered a disbelieving glare, the guys seemed to have accepted her answer as enough of an explanation.

“We’ve been standing out here for an hour, waiting for you.” Hector replied, with a yawn before leaning in to kiss his youngest sister hello, “We’re hungry.”

“Well--” She replied, shifting to greet the rest of the clan, and pausing in mid hug to her sister, “--I do have a phone.”

“Baby sis--” Aria replied softly as she reached up and tucked a strand of dark hair behind Callie’s ear, “--if you’d check your phone, you would find that we have left you about a hundred messages in the past…hour and ten minutes.”

“No--” Callie said, apologetic tone deep in her voice as she pulled her phone out from her pocket, confirming her sister’s accusation, “--I’m sorry…” She stopped in mid apology as all other eyes shifted behind her. She turned and met Mark’s eyes as he walked towards their building, Meredith and Cristina only a couple feet behind him.

His gaze averted awkwardly, feeling himself being watched by four pairs of identical brown eyes as he headed for the front door.

“Hey.” Callie nodded briefly as Mark smiled politely at her family in passing. She felt her sister’s hand slip into hers and she looked up, vividly aware of her demeanor. Trying to appear completely okay for her brothers’ sake--and Mark’s for that matter. She pretended , while squeezing Aria’s hand for support, “Where’s Derek?” She asked Meredith as Cristina eyed Matt with sudden interest, and mark disappeared inside.

“Duty calls.” Meredith replied with a shrug, greeting everyone as Callie introduced them.

“You’re the little Nazi that kicked us out of Callie’s room.” Matt stated accusingly.

Cristina seemed to glow at the comment and thanked him before following Meredith inside.

At the perplexed expression on her brother’s face, Callie leaned in and said promptly, “Nazi is a compliment in this world, Matt. You want to insult her…well, you can’t really, but you can try.”

She sat through hours of pizza and beer and the loudest, most competitive game of scrabble she had ever encountered. Clearly, her brothers had not anticipated the level of competitiveness that lived and thrived like a mutilating, flesh eating virus within Cristina Yang, and vice versa. They laughed over the ridiculous disputing that would erupt between Matt and Cristina more than once over a simple three letter word. Not to mention, the fifteen minute argument over the word ’spramp’. Which eventually turned out to be a word Cristina stole from an episode of Will & Grace--in a scene consisting of a game of scrabble.

She allowed herself a few chuckles and she pretended not to find it difficult to have everyone in the room drinking beer, while she sipped on a glass of iced tea all afternoon.

As her brothers cleaned up the living room and Aria washed the last of the dishes they had used, she rested her elbows on the kitchen counter top and watched in silence as she pressed her index finger to the side of her head to suppress the edge of her headache.

“You okay?” Aria asked, glancing up every once in a while from her task.

Callie smiled and instantly brought her hand flat against the marble counter, “Just a headache.”

Cristina and Meredith had been paged to the hospital twenty minutes ago and left them with the chore of cleaning up. Callie didn’t mind much though. It brought her back, to hear her brothers bickering like they used when they all still lived at home.

“So uh--” Aria started again, wiping off the counter with a dish towel, “--you and the hottie. He break your heart or what?”

Callie looked at her sharply and quickly said in a harsh whisper, “Aria, come on--”

“Or did you break his? Because the way he looked at you--”

“I’m not talking about this now.”

“Hey--” Hector came up to stand beside her, pulling his phone up for her to see, “--check out the latest Torres.” He displayed his newborn son proudly, smiling as he handed the phone over to Callie, “Xavier Torres.”

“Oh my god…” Callie stared in awe at her newest nephew, smile widening, headache disappearing the second she set eyes on his little pink, crying face. “--look at that. Those must be some lungs huh?”

“Oh yeah--” He nodded, “--he doesn’t ask for a bottle. He demands it. Bossy and demanding, like his aunt Callie.”

“He’s beautiful.” She replied, chewing on her bottom lip briefly before looking up and kissing Hector’s cheek, “He really is.”

“What was that asshole’s problem anyway?” Jonathan asked as he and Matt joined the group in the kitchen, “The one at the door.”

Callie sighed and bowed her head while mumbling, “Here we go…”

“Wasn’t he at the  hospital that time?” Matt interjected.

“I don’t like him.”

“You don’t know him.” Aria cut in firmly, “Plus, he’s Callie’s friend so leave it alone.”

Callie shot daggers at her sister for using the word ‘friend’ so salaciously, because that little word alone cause all male eyes in the room to turn in her direction. She quickly sat up in defense, “He’s--an acquaintance. He’s a surgeon. We’re colleagues. Leave it alone.” As an after thought, she added  sternly, “I’m SERIOUS.”

“We heard you!” They replied in unison.

“But just so we’re clear--” Matt said, “--you don’t need us to kick his ass?

“Oh, Jesus--” She groaned, “--no! Don’t you have things to do? Work. Anything?”

They chuckled in the delight that teasing their little sister always brought them.

“Don’t worry, we’re leaving.” Hector announced, ruffling her hair, but not without receiving a hard punch to the arm in return as they got to their feet and headed for the door.

“But we’ll be here a few days.” Matt informed her from the doorway, “Aria, you coming?”

“No, I’m going to stay for a bit. You guys go. Call your wives.” Aria teased, then turned towards Callie, chin lowered, eyes glaring in serious business mode, “Talk, woman.”

Callie sighed and dropped her head onto the counter top. “No.” She mumbled.

“Talk or I’ll call them back, bitch.”

Callie groaned loudly and lifted her head in a defeated frown, “Fine.” She sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes at the other woman, “Well, what do you want to know?!”

“Well, first of all--” She started, leaning over to lean against the counter, her tone softening, “--how’s therapy? I mean, really. Is it helping with whatever it is you’re going through?”

“Yes, it is.” Callie replied, her eyes honest and expressive and for once, meaning the next words out of her mouth, “I feel better.” She said with a smirk, “I was sleeping with my shrink--”

Aria’s eyes widened at that and her mouth opened and shut a few times without a sound before being able to reply, “Well, that’s nice--”

“It was just something that happened--” Callie replied, then shut her eyes a second and shook her head, “--it was stupid and it didn’t last very long, but it did happen. And I know that it happened because there was something fucked going on, but I’m fixing it. I’m working on it anyway. I’m seeing a new doctor. And--it’s doing some good. I promise. It’s like there were a bunch of loose pieces inside me and they’re shifting everyday and it’s all coming together.”

“Okay.” Aria nodded as she pushed her upper body off the counter and drummed her fingers on it, “Now that that’s settled. And I can tell you’re not lying because you haven’t touched her hair once, tell me what the deal is with you and the hottie.”

Callie groaned and looked up at the roof, hoping her sister would maybe divert, “Is this really necessary?”

“YES. Do you know why? Huh?”

“No. Why, Aria? Please tell me.”

“I’m ignoring your sarcasm and I’m going to tell you. Because of the tension.”

“Well, we had just had a fight, of course there was tension!” She winked and clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth, “Good job there, Sherlock.”

“Fuck you, that’s not what I’m talking about.” Aria retorted, middle finger up for emphasis, “I’m talking about the way you two look at each other. The way he looked at you at the hospital…”

“Aria, shut up…”

“You know, he told us to leave the hospital--He told HECTOR to leave the hospital. Pretty much risked  his life right there. He said  you’d be well taken care of. Only reason the guys didn’t beat him to a pulp was because we pretty much think he’s in love with you.”

“Oh god--you are all fucking insane….”

“No, I’m serious, Calliope!”

“And don’t call me that.”

“Seriously, what is going on between you two?”

“You know--’ She stammered, “--it’s--what happened was--it’s just complicated!”
“Oh. Because I wasn’t only looking at his face when he came in earlier.” She replied cautiously, “I’ve never seen you like that before. That man--gets under your skin the way Joe gets under mine. It’s Elvis and Priscilla all over again.”

“This is not Elvis and--what are  you talking about anyway?! You and Joe fight like animals!”

“And we make up like it to.”

“Gross.” Callie glared. “You need to stop talking. Now.”

The next reply was said too quickly for Callie to interrupt, “He looks at you like he wants to strangle you and fuck  you at the same time--”

“Oh god! Never say that to me again, Aria!”

“It’s completely hot! I’m just saying whatever he did, give him a break!”

“Oh, now you’re advocating for him?” Callie shouted as she stood, “I’m going to go take a shower and when I come out, I don’t want to hear anymore from you about Mark Sloan, I swear to god…”

“His name is Mark Sloan?” Aria asked with a smile as Callie disappeared into her bedroom and slammed the door, then said conspicuously to herself, “Sexy last name.” She strained to listen to Callie moving around in her bedroom, most likely, huffing and pouting.


Mark drew in a deep breath as he crossed the street from the hospital, to his apartment building. The sun was setting and he craned his neck from one side to the other until he heard a satisfying pop. He was tense. Not from a busy work day full of surgeries. Oh no. his work day, in fact, had been pathetically uneventful after that morning’s incident. His work day was filled with an endless stack of paperwork and a nagging mess of guilt that gave him a stomach ache, preventing him from eating anything other than the measly bagel he had for breakfast.   

He finally gave up on any actual work and left the hospital two hours earlier than usual. His shoulders ached and his muscles were tighter than they’d ever been. He was almost positive he wouldn’t sleep that night.

He rubbed his eyes and looked up just in time to avoid crashing into the man, well about a head taller than he, “Excuse me.” He mumbled, then glanced up to find himself under the accusing glare of Callie’s three brothers. He met their eyes defiantly and nodded courtly.

“Watch yourself, Doctor.” Hector called behind Mark as car doors were opened and the three prepared to leave.

“Excuse me?” Mark asked angrily, stopping shirt before entering the building.

“Watch your STEP.” Hector repeated, marking his words harshly. Callie had yet to say anything , but he was pretty sure he didn’t like this guy already.

“Why don’t you focus on watching yours, huh, buddy?” Mark replied cuttingly as he took a step towards the other man.

“You want to watch it for me, Doc?” Hector asked warningly, seeing nothing but the pretty blue eyed Doctor he was dying to knock unconscious, until he felt Jonathan pull him back after quickly jumping out of the car to stop what he instantly saw coming. He had seen his brother in enough fights to know the warning signs.

“What’s your fucking problem!” Mark exclaimed, his hands balled to fists, his blood pumping in anticipation.

“YOU’RE my fucking problem--” Hector growled, trying to move past both his brothers now.

“Hector, back up!” Jonathan shouted, shoving his brother hard and barely making him budge, “Get in the car, Hector!”

Matt turned, one hat firmly flat against his brother’s chest, to point a warning finger at Mark , his breath heavy, “Just forget it, man. Let it go.”

“Get him a muzzle.” Mark told them harshly, before directing his hate at Hector alone, “Next time, swing before they hold you back, little man.”

He lunged for him again and groaned as he was held back again.

“That’s enough!” Jonathan shouted again, getting in Hector’s face, “Callie will KILL you for getting in her business, so relax!” He turned to Mark and said as calmly as he could manage, “Look, I’m sorry, but you really don’t want to--”

“No, HE really doesn’t want to fuck with me right now.” Mark said coolly through gritted teeth, “Not today, trust me.” With that, he turned into the apartment complex, punching the nearest wall as he went, opting to take the stairs, rather than wait for the elevator--and mostly to give him the opportunity to cool off.

His feet pounded against every step and his lungs burned with every ragged breath. He was furious. But he almost wished a fight would have broken out--

He dug his fingers into his hair and raked his nails against his scalp as he exhaled. As he dropped both hands to  his sides, he groaned in frustration, “Is this part of a Torres attack plan or something?”

Aria frowned in confusion, but shook it off quickly and waited by his door as he approached, “So, you’re Mark Sloan, huh?”

“Yeah.” He replied shortly as he opened his door. Before he could go inside, however, he turned towards the tall brunette, as asked dryly, “Can I help you?”

“Can I come in?”

He looked at her quizzically.

He noticed the scattered freckles on her porcelain skin and he thoughtlessly compared her to Callie. Aria Torres was a beautiful woman, there was no argument there, but not more so than Callie. He wondered for a split second if that had ever been a problem between the two sisters. He wondered if Aria had ever felt jealous of Callie’s looks. If maybe she had ever lost a boyfriend to her little sister. But then again, they were a few years apart. She seemed to be around his age, if not, a little older, so that wouldn’t have been a problem when they were younger, he supposed.

“Why?” he asked wearily.

She shrugged and glanced inside his apartment, “I just want to talk to you a minute.”

He sighed and pushed his door open, motioning with his arm for her to come in.

“Thank you.” She said politely as she stepped I inside, slowly scanning her surroundings. The flawless hard wood floors, the tasteful décor--the curious looking leather couch in the center of the living room, “Did my sister pick that out?” She asked, pointing at it, “She had one just like it back in Miami.”

“Again, I am pressed to ask, can I help you?”

“Look, Mark, I’m not a bullshit king of girl, and I imagine you’re not either, so I’m just going to come right out and ask what I want to ask you.” She smiled tightly as she sat on the arm of the much mentioned sofa, “Are you in love with my sister?--wait, scratch that. You ARE in love with me sister, so is all the hostility due to the Doctor she was buffing?”

His brow creased in confusion and he chuckled as he crossed his arms over his chest, keeping a safe distance, “I have never hit a woman, but I’ve never been so tempted.”

Aria nodded, “Oh, violence. You are Calliope’s dream man.”

“What do you want exactly, Aria?” He snapped suddenly. There was something about a third party simply assuming they knew anything about who he and Callie were that infuriated him.

“I want to know that you’re going to take care of her--”

“She doesn’t want me to take care of her…”

“It’s not about what she wants anymore, don’t you get that?” She said firmly, “You’re in love with her and she’s obviously crazy about you. That fact has been stated. When the connection between two people is that strong and that stupidly obvious, what the wounded party wants doesn’t really matter. She needs someone right now, and you need to be that someone because I’m not here---”

“Hold on a minute!” He shouted, his hand up to silence her, “Putting aside the fact that you are meddling way too much right now, what makes you think you can speak for Callie when you were the first one to turn your back on her when she was with Arizona. You and your psychotic, murderous brother are all full of shit. It took her swallowing a bottle of anti depressants for you to show up? Where were you when her ex husband died? When she was crying herself to sleep just about every night because your father cut her off without a penny to her name because she fell in love with a woman?! Speaking for her is the last thing you should be doing right now.”

Aria nodded and dropped her eyes to  her lap before looking up at the man she knew loved her sister. The only person she trusted to take care of her, even after only knowing him a handful of minutes. She cleared her throat and nodded before speaking in a low, soft voice, “I’m not going to sit here and argue with you. Because you’re right. I messed up. We all did. Turning our backs on Callie was absolutely the most cold hearted thing I have ever done in my life. And I hate myself for it everyday.” Her voice cracked a little and she paused to gather herself, “When I received that phone call--all I could think about was, my little sister, my little Calliope could have died. And I died a little--seeing her in that hospital bed KILLED me. But I saw the way you looked at her that night as well. You died a little too. I could see it in your eyes.”

He watched her wipe tears away and in that instant, the similarity between her and Callie was uncanny.  He waited patiently for her to take a moment before allowing her to continue.

“When you hurt someone you don’t care about, and you’re a decent human being, there’s regret that lingers inside you for a while. You know? But when someone you love--someone that’s crawled  inside your skin like a fucking tumor--when you hurt that someone? It feels--like death by paper cuts. And it’s fucking painful.” She finished in an almost whisper. “I saw that in you. I don’t know what happened between the two of you. But I do know that connection--I can see it. And I can see the way you’re hurting. I recognize it. Maybe not to the full extent that I’m hurting because I know you would never turn your back on her--you’re loyal. To her, you are. Right?”

All he could do was nod. 
“Yeah.” She smiled and shrugged, “I was horrible to her. But you’re still here. And she knows that. She feels you here. As angry as she might be with you, she knows you’re there. She has to know that you’re still there because I can feel the way she needs you. It’s strong. Don’t’ let anything get the better of you two. I trust you, Mark Sloan.” She smiled.

He smirked and felt something close to hope. “Your sister’s stubborn, you know.”

She laughed through the last of her tears, “Trust me, I know this! But she’s worth it.”

“I know this.” He told her smartly.


“She did pick out that sofa, by the way.”

“I knew it.” She smiled wider, then opened her arms as she stood, “ Give us a hug, come on.”

He chuckled as he found himself being pulled into a warm hearted, big hug.

She sighed as she pulled away and she gently tapped his cheek, “You’re going to make some delicious babies.”

He laughed as she walked towards the door and tossed one final smile his way while he waved goodbye. “Good smile. Callie’s is
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