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Cracking The Venue 1

 1 Cracking The Venue: Washing The Soap Off

Original Work by Alex S. Velazquez
All characters and storylines are a work of fiction and sole property of the author.

Just corrected this mother. It was a hot mess. 


"What about a slurpee?" The short haired brunette asked as she picked invisible lint off her best friend's shoulder,
her eyes trained on the royal blue cotton as she shifted underneath it.

"No. Thanks." The other girl said calmly, eyes glued to the book in her hands.

Cassie sighed beside her, exasperated. She lied back, her body falling gracefully against the red and brown picnic
blanket the two young women shared, "We've been sitting here for an hour, Macy--you won't stop reading that stupid
book." She pouted.

"I told you I would be reading this stupid book. You didn't have to come."

Cassie's gaze fell upon the slight curvature of Macy's spine as she slouched forward a little. The soft fall breeze blew a
strand of hair over her eyes as, absent mindedly, she traced the outline of the girl's spine with her index finger. The wind
slipped under her shirt slipping across her lower back and she shivered before replying, "I didn't have anything else to do."

"Well--" The young woman scoffed unpleasantly, her palm lifting and falling on the opposite page of the one she had been
reading with close interest, "--you know, what do you want me to do? I'm reading."

"Someone's wearing bitchy pants today." Cassie sing-songed softly. Her voice was like a sugar coated strawberries. Sultry.
A tone that matched her expressive, large brown eyes. She always seemed to have a deeper meaning than intended. She
licked her lips subconsciously as she trapped the hem of Macy's sweater between her thumb and index finger. She felt the material,
imagined leaving her finger prints stamped on the fabric. The left corner of her lips curled up in a brief smirk before her hand fell
away and she turned her head to rest her cheek on the blanket beneath her.

She closed her eyes for a moment, basking in the sun rays and soft breeze, the smell of pine and leaves, and Macy's raspberry
chap stick lulling her to a sleep like state. Her eyes opened at the sound of a soft chuckle. Even staring at her back, she could
practically see her best friend shift her demeanor from deep concentration, to that of deep amusement in a matter of seconds.

Macy had always been the girl that went unnoticed, only because she went out of her way to remain as such. Her skin was fair, almost
porcelain like, her lips, thin, but more pink than humanly possible, and her eyes, while small, had glint of gold mixed in
with the dark brown. Not that she'd let that show of course, with the long, side bangs falling over eyes more often than not. She
stood at five feet-six inches. And so, she always wondered why Cassie seemed to feel the need to call her short, when she was
actually, a quarter inch taller and they were both average height, at best.

She sighed for about the tenth time in ten minutes, sighing once every sixty seconds being the obvious way of telling that she was,
in fact, bored to death, and turned over, onto her back. Her body twisted at the waist, so that her bent knees turned out and rested
against Cassie's side. Her arm rested carelessly above her head as she stared up at the cloudless sky, and she breathed in deeply,
allowing the unusually perfect day to alleviate her senses.

"Better bitchy pants than skanky panties." Cassie mumbled.

Macy stopped momentarily, her brow furrowed as she strained to make sure she had heard what she thought she had heard, "What!"
She exclaimed, following with a loud chortle that turned into a full on belly laugh up at the sky, "God, you're ridiculous."

Cassie chuckled softly to herself as she turned a page. But her eyes betrayed her and strayed over to the tan, bare legs shifting
beside her. Knees shifted against one another before extending out against the blanket, Steve Madden clad feet slipping off the edge
of the thin sheet and onto green grass, the black flats digging into the ground at the heels.

She gulped as those traitorous eyes wandered higher up her friend's calves. Her skin was a toasty shade since she had joined that
local soccer team. Her eyes swept even higher then, over muscular thighs, to impossibly short shorts. She had always teased her about
her "unhealthy self obsession with her legs and the need to show them off, rain or shine", never admitting she was rather a huge fan.

Biting her cheek, she stared at the inch or so of bare skin exposed at her mid section as her shirt rode up, as Macy, even half asleep,
had never been able to just sit still. In that aspect, it was a good thing she had joined the soccer team.

Giving up on her book, Cassie closed it with a soft thud, then tossed it onto the soft cushioning grass before she rose to her knees,
then, lowering to loom over the resting beast bellow her, her palms against the blanket coated grass supported her weight on either side of
said beast as she, smiling, inched closer until their lips touched softly.

She waited for full lips to push up against her own and kissed her back. Only then, did her own part briefly, pulling back momentarily, only to
drop another kiss that deepened slowly. Breaths were exhaled and smiles were cut short by tingle educing sweetness that lasted longer
than usual.

Cassie pulled back softly, licking her lips and pushing long locks of dark hair back unceremoniously as she sat up and grabbed her book
and bag, "Let's got get that slurpee, loser."

Springing to her feet, Macy grabbed the blanket and quickly rolled it into a ball, laughing at her clumsiness as she almost tripped over
in her eager attempt to catch up. Once doing so, she panted happily, "You're buying, right? I didn't bring my wallet."

"Do I look like your boyfriend?"

"No. My boyfriend never buys me slurpees, and he's not as pretty as you." She told her playfully, hoping the compliment would earn her
some candy as well.

They laughed as they raced up the hill to the local 7Eleven.

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