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Stuck In the Middle With You 1/1

 Stuck In The Middle With You 1/1

Title: Stuck In The Middle With You
Fandom: Glee/Grey's Anatomy
Pairings: Santana/Finn, Callie/Derek
Prompts: Santana/Finn, Callie/Derek, "They kind of sneak under your skin, but after a while, you kind of don't mind"
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters, events, settings and situations mentioned in this work are sole property of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, in constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context and are not intended to be defamatory or factual in anyway.
Author's Notes: Drabble. Requested by devylish .
Summary: Santana's aunt, Callie is in town with her newly acquired husband. Santana has a new boyfriend she needs to tell her about.


#they kind of sneak under your skin, but after a while, you kind of don't mind
For Megan

"I don't know..." Santana says, adjusting her sunglasses over the ridge of her nose as Callie stares back from across the shaded table, straw between her lips as she sips iced tea slowly, "...I mean, look at him!" She motions with her hand towards Finn, who is standing with Derek at the far side of the Olympic sized pool.

Callie looks in their direction and smiles at the sight of her husband talking amiably with the young man, "What about him?" She asks with a chuckle. "He's nice."

"That's the whole point, Aunt Callie. I don't DO nice. Nice is for girls like Quinn Fabray who are doomed to never leave Lima." She scowls, arms crossed over her chest as she sits back.

Callie sighs and looks at her niece, removing her glasses for a better look, "Sometimes, nice is good. Derek is nice."

"Derek is a DOCTOR, though. And he's hot." She smiles and removes her glasses to offer a mischievous glance in her aunt’s direction, "Uncle Derek is hot."

Callie in return points a warning finger at her, partnered with a deathly glare.

The young girl laughs, "Kidding! But I'm serious, Finn is--"

"SEVENTEEN, Santana. As are you. Why are you worrying about this now? You have a long way to go."

"I don't know." She shrugs, averting her gaze, brow furrowed in that angry, spoiled patented grimace Callie patented a long time ago.

It's always amazed her how alike she and her niece are. Her eyes narrow in amused realization, "You LIKE him. Like--LIKE him."

Santana turns sharply, mouth agape, "I don't! He's the flavor of the week. He talks about babies and--dogs and a big house. And I am not about to marry future plumber. Santana don't play that."

Callie snorts a laugh, "Can you stop with the guetto-licious thing you've got going on? You live in a ten bedroom house, you come from a family of Doctors and lawyers and you talk like you're from the boondocks or something."

"What's a boondocks?"

"Look, believe me when I tell you that things don't always turn out like you plan--"

Santana leans in closely now, smiling wickedly as Derek and Finn toss around a football in the background, "Are you referring to the parade of bad boys my dad has beat up on your behalf all your life and that hot-yummylicious guy I caught you with in the bathroom during my birthday party two years ago?"

"Shut up and respect your elders--"

"Oh, now you're my elder..."

"My POINT is, Santana--" Callie cuts in, her cheeks reddening a bit, "--that Derek is nice. He's the kind of guy who likes to talk about babies and dogs and picket fences and building me a house. Nice guys--they kind of crawl under your skin and invade you like--I don't know. A disease. But then, they're kind of great and you really don't mind them anymore. I mean, in high school, I wouldn't have given him a second glance--"

"But is he good in the sack? THAT is the question."

"Not answering that."

"So, yes..."

"Listen! You don't know if Finn is going to become an award winning neuro-surgeon who builds you a house at the top of a mountain with a bathtub as big as that pool, so give the poor guy a chance. I can tell you like him anyway, you can't hide that."

Santana rolls her eyes in return, fighting back a stubborn smile, "Fine. Whatever. I'll give it a month."

Callie laughs and shakes her head as the much talked about men come up to the table.

"Movie starts at six, babe--" Finn announces as he comes to stand beside Santana, touching her hair briefly, "--we should go."

"Alright." She heaves a sigh, sending her aunt a warning glare as she stands.

Callie holds her hands up in innocence as Derek begins to knead her shoulder firmly. Once the young couple are gone, she melts into the gesture and groans, "That feels really good."

He leans in and kisses her cheek, then her ear lobe before replying, "I know something else that feels really good..."

"Oh, really? House is empty til' four."

They pause briefly before racing towards the large house.

Tags: callie/derek, fanfiction

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