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It's a Whole Lot of Nonsense

 It’s a Whole Lot of Nonsense
By: Alex S. Velazquez

Jane is a girl of simple tastes. Simple wants and needs. Everything for her was simple. Except her love.

Her love, she’s kept wrapped up and closely pressed against her chest, held by both arms which kept them from holding anyone at all, let alone too closely.

Tonight, she’s let it all go.

It’s a long drive, searching for a particular spot. She’s been here more times than she can count, but being the designated drinker is a job she takes very seriously and therefore, is having a particularly difficult time finding said spot now that she’s sitting behind the wheel.

It’s a late, breezy night up the Pacific Coast Highway. The road is empty for miles and the only light guiding most of the way is that of the full moon hanging in the distance.

Jane’s window is just barely cracked, as the blonde sitting in the passenger seat seems to have a phobia pertaining to the wind-in-your-hair situation. There is half of a faux chicken sandwich in a white, disposable container sliding left and right against the curves the white Ford Explorer passes its tires over.

The radio is humming slowly and Jane’s got a smile on her face. She wants to show her this place. Because while the ocean scares her, the sound of the waves crashing against one another and the swift beach mist they cause in the darkened area soothe her. They make her feel secure and happy. And she wants to share that feeling.

Lena, her lovely companion is tired. She’s not a night owl and all she wants is to sleep. But the relationship is new and all they want is to be around each other. After a few wrong turns, they find the little secluded area nestled between a wealthy residential area and a resort of some sort. It’s pitch black and cold. Still, Jane can’t keep the excitement to herself.

She shuts the engine and moves quickly to grab two blankets she’s prepared with from her trunk.

Their feet sink into the cold sand and they quickly find an adequate sitting area facing the beach. They settle quickly under the warmer blanket and after a few moments of chit-chatting, Jane recognizes fairly quickly that Lena is a second away from falling asleep.

They fake bicker the way they do sometimes. Until Lena says something particularly mean and Jane pouts from where she’s taken the position of the big spoon behind the blonde, who’s hair smells sweet.

Lena seems to notice the hurt in the silence. There’s a pause, then a complaint from Jane. And then it happens.

“I love you,” Lena says.

It’s uncalled for and it’s not how either thought the first time would happen, they’re not even facing each other. But it means something. It means what the words uttered say.

Jane smiles in the dark and scoots in a little closer, wraps her arm around Lena a little tighter and breathes her in for a minute or two before her muffled voice offers against her hair, “Let’s get you to bed.”
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